Energy is a very subtle yet important thing.  It’s always there and it’s always forming your experience; yet, it can be challenging to explain to those who don’t understand.

Philippe and I were talking about this regarding yelling.  A friend of ours told us that while she was at the pool at her club outside Boston, a Supermom yelled at her kids to stop splashing. She said she was totally taken aback and thrown off, even though, she said, she sometimes yelled at her kids about the exact same thing. She asked us why this was the case, and our hit was that it’s energetic. This person at the pool didn’t know her children and had no history with them, so there was no balance. So it was just a blast of negative energy out of nowhere with no foundation. This is why it felt startling and not the best ever.

So there are always many sides to every situation and incident and it’s all about energy. I’m not saying the kids weren’t splashing or the supermom wasn’t right on with her request, I’m saying how something is received by others is about two things:  their focus or lens and the energy with which it is delivered.

Have the best day ever!


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