Pregnant supermoms and women trying to conceive often ask me if its “OK” to practice yoga while they’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

My answer is NO.

It’s not OK …it’s imperative!

I can’t imagine, nor would I want to, what my five pregnancies would’ve been like sans yoga. The practice is such a mental, physical, emotional, and Spiritual gift for both mom and baby. It grounds you, calms you, moves your energy, cleans your slate, opens your heart, energizes you, brings more joy and ease into your life, keeps you physically fit, and prepares you for labor and motherhood.

I brought my mat to the hospital and practiced the day I delivered my first three kids and the next day after my C Section with our twins (much to my midwife’s and nurse’s surprise).

My rule of thumb for practicing heated yoga when pregnant is that it’s fine and great as long as you’ve practiced in the heat for at least a year. It’s always wise to consult your midwife or doctor and for CYA I should say here that I ain’t a doctor and so therefore can’t give medical advice ;) .  And just so ya know, my experience has been that most docs, also covering their a** (hey, we live in a litigious society), say no hot yoga when trying to conceive or pregnant.

Again, I personally believe that hot yoga is great while pregnant or trying to conceive as long as you’ve practiced at least a year. (You don’t wanna start ANY new exercise regime during pregnancy.)  Hey, think of all the happy healthy babies born every day in very hot climates. The research I’ve seen looked at women sitting in saunas way over 120 degrees.  Severe and very dry heat with no movement. Totally different ball game sports fans.

As your belly grows you’ll wanna modify your practice. Also you’ll wanna back off of twists and never do abs. Most importantly, you’ll wanna listen to your body and rest and modify as it guides you. But I believe that to be true for every practitioner, pregnant or not!

Have the best day ever!


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