We were sitting on La Plage, a beach the mayor of Paris created on the Seine. He shipped in sand n beach toys n chairs n a zip line n umbrellas n concession stands. There were thousands of people. Just magical!  We spent the afternoon strolling n going to parks n eating gyros n cinnamon gelato  in the Latin quarter and ended up at La Plage.

It was tough to snag a beach chair but we did eventually and I laid down and rested and took in the magic while my kids played joyfully in the sand.

Not thirty seconds after I commented to Philippe about how amazed I was that kids love sand so much because I’m not a fan, did Montana (age 2) march over and dump a pail full of sand all over me in my sundress in my beach chair.

As I shook the sand off my body and hair and realized there was also sand in my lip balm, I laughed out loud to Sagey (age 8) about the incredible consistency of the Law of Attraction.  Remember, the Universe don’t hear negatives. : )

Have the best day ever!


Taylor plus 5 from Paris

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