I get up reaaaalllll early in the morning. I got five kids so I wake up early to practice and do cardio and write and run Prana and set my intention for my day and life.

One early morning on Nantucket last summer I’d just finished my yoga practice overlooking the ocean with the sun sprinkling dots of brilliant light across its surface, and I reached into my bike basket to reapply my lip stuff as my kids call it (lip gloss with sunscreen), and I noticed it was almost gone.

In this situation, as in every situation in my life, I had a choice on what to focus:

“Oh, I have to buy more lip gloss.”


“Wow, I’m so blessed to be in a beautiful place like this where i need SPF lip gloss so often that I’ve used almost all of it.”

If I choose the second thought and focus, more thoughts on that vibration are magnetized to me via the law of attraction, such as:

“Hey, this is the lip gloss they gave me for free at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital when I has my abdominal surgery.”

And then:

“Wow, that lip gloss lasted a long time!  Almost the whole summer.”


“I’m so grateful that I had that surgery.”


“My surgery went so well!”


“I feel so great and so much better since Dr. Brooks sewed my rectus abdominis back together.”


“Now I can eat anything without pain!”


“Dr. Brooks rocks.”


“That surgery and recovery was easy and actually kinda fun because everyone was so nice and helpful and i got to experience something totally different and take my Spiritual and Deliberate Creation practices to a whole new level, and if I can do that with ease and joy and gratitude, I can do anything.”

Which thought and focus are you choosing now and what thoughts and events are you therefore magnetizing to yourself?


Taylor plus 5

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