By Taylor Wells, M.A., M.Ed., RYT

This destination is always changing—like the flow of life. I am always adding things to Super-Whatever, so if you have an idea and/or suggestion, lay it on me, Super-mom!!

I’ve already received some great suggestions, and here they are:

**Tell other Super-moms about an inspirational book that you loved reading.

**What’s the best movie you’ve seen lately?

**Share some Super-cool projects you can do with your kids.

**Share a Super-mom challenge that readers can take on for fun (i.e. take a walk today with your family, get on your yoga mat, turn off the TV for an entire day or week).

**Spot a Super-mom in action!! Catch a mom in a Super-mom moment and share it with readers. Whether it’s entertaining, inspirational, or funny…tell us the story!! What Super-mom inspires you? Which Super-mom have you learned from?

**Share women’s health information that has made a difference in your life.

**Share helpful environmental information that will help take care of our earth.

**Tell other Super-moms about your favorite products (yoga mats, organic clothing, juicers, etc.)

**Add something here!! Tell me about it and I’ll put it up.


I’ll get the ball rolling:

**Inspirational book: Ask And It’s Given by Esther Hicks.

**Best movie I’ve seen lately: I haven’t been to the movies in so long!!

**Super-cool projects you can do with your kids: Ask your child to choose one article of clothing and one toy and one book to give to a child in need, and then write that child a note together, telling the child about all the ways you’ve enjoyed these things and how you hope the child will also enjoy them. Then paint a picture together for the child. Walk (or drive if necessary) together to a place where you can donate the items, along with the note and the picture.

**Super-mom Challenge: Turn off your TV for a week, and see what happens!!

**Super-mom in action: Today I saw a Super-mom at Wholefoods with four kids, and she was totally present with all of them, pointing out this and that to each of them and teaching them every step of the way. I told her she was a Super-mom and she smiled and said something very humble.

**Women’s health information: The very best women’s (and men’s!!) health information that I have ever received is to eat as much raw, organic food as possible. Ever since I was very young, I was interested in health. I used to chat with my grandmother about vitamins and “health food” (as it was called in the 70’s) at age five!! This is way before Wholefoods was even in existence and before I knew what the word “organic” meant. To this day, I smile when I hear our four-year-old ask “Mommy, is that organic?” What four year old in the seventies knew what organic meant, let alone ate organic food? So I learned a lot about health and food and vitamins, or so I thought. I have experienced more amazing life-transforming effects from my all raw vegan lifestyle than any other health information I picked up in my entire lifetime.

**Environmental information: This is super simple but it will save a tree. We re-use all of our paper (except toilet paper). Nothing gets put in the recyling bin until both sides are used. So in the pink house, once we print something from the computer for Prana Power Yoga and/or and we’re finished with it, it goes into our arts and crafts cabinet where it will later be used in a project—drawing, painting, etc. We also use empty TP and paper towel rolls for projects—painting on them, drawing on them, glueing stuff onto them-whatever.

**A few of my favorite products:

Yoga mat: Jade Harmony. We sell them at all four of our Prana Power Yoga studios and they are the best mat I’ve used by far.

Organic clothing: Philippe and I like to wear hemp clothing. It’s sustainable and beautiful too.

Yoga clothing: hands down, Lululemon. And I’d say that even if they didn’t give it to me for free.

Juicer: Breville.

Dehydrator: Excalibur.

Microwave: Don’t have one!! We took it out of the wall and replaced it with a Buddha statue and some candles.