Raw Food, Yoga, and The Law of Attraction.
Feb. 19-26 2011

A Week of Living Yoga and creating the best life ever

Join Taylor and Philippe for a week that will truly transform your practice, body, mind, and life.

Located in Sayulita, a small fishing village on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, HARAMARA RETREAT offers the perfect opportunity to forget about your daily stresses and feel ALIVE again.

Taylor and Philippe’s retreat offers you the chance to access your deepest potential by combining:
•Two 3 hour yoga classes a day
•Workshops on RAW FOOD
•Three meals a day consisting of the freshest LOCAL & LIVE foods
•Massage/reiki services
•Individual nutritional and Prana Super-mom Consulting

The famous CLEANSE ON DEMAND is also available for all or a portion of the retreat, at no additional cost, to bring you that much deeper to your authentic self.

PLUS, plenty of downtime to spend exploring the pristine secluded beaches, venturing into town, or simply relaxing in a hammock in your open-air cabana.

Click here for for MORE INFO, including prices and payment policies.

Space is limited and we will SELL OUT QUICKLY!

Contact: Erin with any questions!

This is a place for you to tell other Super-moms about the best places to travel with kids.

Places to go to enjoy being away from it all and learning new things with your kids.

Places that make it *easy* to travel with little ones.

Also, if you’ve had an absolutely horrendous experience that you’d like to warn other Super-moms about…feel free!!

I’ll get the ball rolling by saying that we travel a lot with our kids. They’ve been to Disneyworld many times, Paris, Baltimore, St. John, Washington D.C., Costa Rica, Clearwater, Bermuda, Pennsylvania, The Catskills, Key West, Woodstock, Hawaii, Sedona, Arizona, Iceland, and NYC more times than I can count since we opened a yoga studio there in 2006 and so we traveled there every weekend for a year and now teach there once a month.

Traveling with kids can at first seem daunting. The packing in-and-of-itself can be a nightmare—if you let it. When we were first talking about opening Prana NYC, I faced some fear, even though it was originally my idea. My fear was not about opening a yoga studio in another state, not about opening a yoga studio in “the big city,” not about the other 65 yoga studios in Manhattan, not about the high cost of rent, not about the construction costs. My fear was about packing for the kids and me every week!!

In the past, I had packed by completely surrendering. I was so overwhelmed by choosing what to bring and making sure that I remembered everything for my kids that I would just bring…everything. That way, I didn’t have to make a choice.

I faced my fear—about packing weekly for the kids and me—and we opened Prana NYC in April 2006. I learned how to pack easily, lightly, and even joyfully in all of four minutes. Honestly, four minutes!! A student and fellow Super-mom helped me a lot with this process. She told me to LOVE packing…to see it as a challenge—a game. How little could I bring and still get by?

She was right. Now I pack so lightly and it makes a world of difference. My husband got little mesh zipper bags and I gave one to each child—in their favorite color with a heart and their name on it. ? Now they get to pack themselves–put their stuff in their own little bag. I tell them what they are “allowed” to bring on that trip and they are excited about the independence of it all. I pack for the baby, of course, but even that’s easy for me now.

For me a lot of it had to do with letting go of the “what ifs” and the “perfection” around packing. Somehow that old, pre-yogic perfectionistic tendency had even crept into my packing mentality. Oy!! My yoga practice and “packing practice” helped me to let it go.

Here are my top picks for traveling with kids, taking into account ease of travel and child-friendly atmospheres:

Disney world: Bring your own food and get to the parks early. Go back to your hotel in the afternoon to recharge, and return to the parks for the night-time light parades and fireworks.

Sesame Place in Pennsylvania: adorable, small, clean, and do-able. Not overwhelming as Disney can seem to many.

Paris: Parisians are incredibly kind and wonderful with kids. Only bummer: just a few elevators in the subways. This is our favorite city in the world, and our kids agree. There are so many places to explore and just walking the streets is a history lesson, adventure, and good exercise all rolled into one.

The Catskills: Menla Mountain Retreat ( very child friendly and a wonderful place to “just be.” We saw many deer and their babies and even a bear (!!) during our week there. They do have an outdoor pool, but our kids were so into just “being in nature” that it wasn’t as tempting as most pools are.

NYC: wonderful with children!! So many parks and Super-moms and their kids inhabiting the parks–happy to chat with you about Super-mom stuff. We are always amazed at how many kids play in NYC parks vs. parks in our hometown Newtonville, Massachusetts. No playmates needed when you’re in the big apple!! There are also the countless museums and attractions, but we love just walking around Union Square (where Prana NYC lives) and the East Village, going to parks and yummy raw food restaurants (Pure Food and Wine, Quintessence, and Bonobos—see my top picks for raw restaurants in New York City), and going for a really reasonably priced massage at one of the places on St. Mark’s Place in the East Village (they happily accommodate kids and your kids will love a massage as much as you will!!).


Super-mom Taylor