Acupuncture, Oriental and Natural Medicine, Integrative Nutrition:

Mary Hinsley, MAc, LAc, CHOM Acupuncture, Oriental and Natural Medicine, Integrative Nutrition

Full Spectrum Healing
508-272-2001 and 508-785-8160
P.O. Box 189
Dover, MA 02030

Super-mom Taylor went to Mary for acupuncture over fourteen years ago and since then has referred many people to her for a variety of issues, and they are always so happy with the results. Mary is incredibly tuned in, and will figure out what you need to do to feel better, no matter what is going on. Some people just have a gift, and Mary is one of them. She is also extremely smart, very knowledgeable, fun, and connected, which every person in your life should be, Super-mom!!

Mary has an extensive educational and experiential background in Oriental Medicine and Natural Healing. She is a graduate of the New England School of Acupuncture, Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Renaissance School of Classical Homeopathy, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, also a four year training in Integrated Kabbalistic Healing among numerous other professional trainings. Mary has been practicing alternative medicine for 20+ years. With the understanding of diverse natural healing arts and western medical diagnostics, she has helped many clients create powerful, yet gentle programs for health and optimal wellness. She works with individuals and families who are interested in creating long term health and wellness through natural healing methods.


begabatiBegabati Lennihan, RN, CCH (Certified Classical Homeopath),

The Lydian Center for Innovative Medicine
777 Concord Ave., Suite 301
Cambridge, MA 0213
(61) 547-8500

Homeopathy is a wonderful modality for moms and kids — safe, gentle, natural and effective. Kids love taking the little “sugar pills” (actually medicated pellets) and often ask for their remedy. Homeopathy can help them with learning and behavior problems, headaches and tummy aches, and recurring illnesses like colds and ear infections. It can also help them cope with emotional stresses like moving to a new house, divorce, even positive things like the birth of a new sibling and loss of their special place in the family. For moms, we have great remedies if you’re overworked, exhausted, irritable, weepy, and worse before your period or during menopause — sound familiar?

Homeopathy can help provide natural hormone balancing without drugs or herbs. It can help with anxiety, depression, panic attacks and post-traumatic stress disorder. It’s good for stress-related conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, really any condition that gets worse when you’re under stress.  Many more things! especially things that your doctor just can’t figure out — give us a try!

Begabati has had the privilege of helping Taylor with homeopathy (Taylor is a joy to work with and responded immediately to her remedy!).

Begabati is Director of Teleosis School of Homeopathy (professional training) and GreenHealing Institute (teaching parents to use homeopathy in the home). She is a Harvard alumna and a registered nurse.
Begabati looks forward to hearing from you!

Body work:

Kristin Angeli, LMT
Main Street Massage and Wellness
11 Main Street, Watertown, MA 02472

Kristin owns Main Street Massage and Wellness and has practiced massage therapy for over three years. She recently expanded her practice to include another massage therapist and a holistic nutritionist. In addition to massage and nutrition, Main Street Massage and Wellness carries Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products . Kristin is very passionate about Dr. Hauschka and has been using the products for ten years! It has always been Kristin’s vision to run a wellness center and to offer healing energy to all. Her specialty is deep tissue massage offering a natural solution to chronic pain, flushing out toxins and encouraging the movement of stuck energy. To make an appointment, please call 617-744-6021. If you are in the area, stop in and visit Main Street Massage and Wellness!

Jenna Rothbard

Jenna found her passion in Bodywork/massage therapy when she found her mentor Santosh. They style of bodywork that Jenna practices is based on Asian styles of treatment. A combination of Anma, Laying on of the hands, Accupressure, shitatsu, and thai massage, this style of bodywork is done fully clothed and on a massage table. It involves a variety of strokes, stretches and pressure points that help to synchronize and balance the bodies energy.

ToddTodd Billig

Wellness Massage & Skincare

53 Langley Road, Suite 240

Newton, MA 02459

(617) 630-8777


Todd is a graduate of the Massage Institute of New England and The Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics.  He is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association, and is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, Esthetician, and the owner of Wellness Massage & Skincare.  He has been practicing therapeutic massage and bodywork since 1997, and has taught Spa Therapy for the Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics.  “I love working one-on-one with my clients, and being able to provide a service that in most instances provides people with a great deal of stress relief and pain relief, it is truly a wonderful feeling.  Please come in for a visit, my associates and I look forward to providing you with excellent service.  Thanx and have a stress-free day!”


Mika Tapanainen, D.C.
517 Washington Street Newton, MA

Mika was brought to Boston from Finland (where he worked with Olympic Athletes) to work with the Boston Ballet. He is a kind, compassionate, and incredibly talented chiropractor who feels passionately about what he does. He didn’t even have a sign outside his office for a long time, but that didn’t stop him from being booked for months in advance. He spends quality time with each patient, not just a two minute “crack and on to the next person.”


Lydian Chiropractic
Drs. Lydia Knutson, DC, Susan Grace, DC, Kelliana Maya, DC at the Lydian Center for Innovative Medicine
777 Concord Ave, Suite 301
Cambridge, MA 02138

Non-force chiropractic is the perfect healing modality for families. We all have a body and we all move! Our “biomechanical” system is designed to work smoothly to get us where we need to go. If it is not working efficiently it is a drag on brain processes and eventually causes pain. Musculoskeletal pain is a sure sign that your biomechanical system is struggling, and that you need help from a non-force chiropractor. NO ONE should be in pain! But most children with biomechanical inefficiencies are not in pain (if they are in pain they really need help!!). More reliable indicators for children are: developmental delays (babies too!), sensory processing problems, awkward movement, poor balance or coordination, poor immunity, emotional dysregulation, and learning disabilities.

At Lydian Chiropractic we practice a new, highly effective, non-force chiropractic technique called Axial Stability Method. This extremely gentle technique has extraordinary results in even the most challenging cases. Some patients refer to us as “the Hogwarts School of Chiropractic!”

Lydian Chiropractic is part of the Lydian Center for Innovative Medicine. We are an interdisciplinary clinic on the cutting edge of alternative medicine. Founded in 2007 as a place for families to get the help they need, we have grown into a Center where people come from out of state (and country!) to get help with challenging pain syndromes and all manner of neurological, educational and developmental problems.


Jenna Rothbard

Jenna is passionate about supporting couples through childbirth as a Doula. She combines her knowledge of bodywork and yoga to help create a peaceful and positive experience for birthing mothers and their partners. She supported Super-mom Taylor in baby Phoenix’s natural birth.



Nina Palmer


Postpartum Doula

I believe what new families need most is nurture and gentle support. My goal is to support the new mother on an “as needs” basis so that she is better rested and able to care for her baby. I do this by focusing on the mother’s needs and helping both parents to develop confidence in their parenting skills, while demonstrating techniques in newborn care and feeding.

I think there are many good ways to care for babies, and I do not enforce my own parenting style or insist you adhere to a specific school of thought with respect to your baby. I trust parents to make decisions for their babies and will help you get the information you need to make wise choices.

Families with a new baby are particularly vulnerable, and it is always my goal to be helpful in a quiet, pleasant, appropriate and unobtrusive way. I am respectful of the traditions, culture and values of my clients. I offer professional, non judgmental, non medical support.

Foot doctor: 

Lloyd Smith DPM


10 Langley Road
Newton Center, MA 02459

Super mom Taylor found Dr. Smith in the yellow pages of all places, when she had some foot issues going on. He has worked with many athletes and is very knowledgeable, but is also relaxed and down-to-earth.


Hair colorist:

Rita Evangelista

Salon One
Wellesley’s Choice for expert hair care and color.
277 Linden Street
Wellesley, MA

25% off first time color clients



Nikki Tedesco
300 Boylston St
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
617-796-0148 fax
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- Proud Mama of 18mth old Tessa Rose
- Love being a mom and feel very lucky to be so passionate about doing hair for a living
- Always trying to find Balance in Life
- Seasoned stylist – 6yrs experience with excellent training
- Continue to, and, will always continue to educate myself in the latest and greatest trends in cutting, color, and styling
- Well rounded in cutting, color, styling: special occasion and weddings, hair extensions, keratin straighteners and especially love doing make-overs!
- Celebrity Clientelle – including hair issued in Boston Magazine, People Magazine, Book Cover, CNN, Portraits, etc.



The Midwives at Mount Auburn Hospital

At the Center for Women at Mount Auburn Hospital
330 Mt Auburn St., Cambridge MA 02238
Phone: 617 499-5151 :: Fax: 617 499-5179

Midwives have been ‘with woman’ for centuries. The Midwives at Mount Auburn proudly carry on this time-honored tradition as we care for women through pregnancy and birth. To a midwife, you are much more than a pregnant belly. You have a life: family and friends; home, work, community, hobbies; your strengths, and the things you’d like to do better; your hopes and dreams. They can all affect your health, and we try to keep all these important parts of your life in view as we work with you toward a healthy pregnancy and a safe, satisfying birth experience.

Midwives also have a great deal to offer women of all ages. Girls who are becoming women, women past their childbearing years, and those who choose not to become mothers need the kind of sensitive, prevention-focused health care that the Midwives at Mount Auburn provide. Whether you need that annual GYN exam you’ve been putting off, a birth control method, or advice on dealing with troubling menopause symptoms, we are here to help.

Super-mom Taylor happily delivered two of her three children with the Midwives at Mount Auburn, and highly recommends their beautiful practice.

Nutrition and Wellness Counselor and Raw Food Enthusiast:

Adrienne Martin

Adrienne is a lot of fun and extremely knowledgeable. Although she has much wisdom, she doesn’t take herself too seriously—a lesson we can all learn from.


Online lifestyle magazine for women:

Misstropolis is a unique online lifestyle magazine for women, covering arts & culture, wellness, style, dining and philanthropy with an entertaining intellectualism and fresh insight that our audience has been craving. Misstropolis is interactive, providing resources and community for women in the busiest time of their lives.Smart, diverse and inspirational – Misstropolis, Spirit & Style, Insight & Out.



Wendy Wornham, MD
Lexington Pediatrics Associates.
19 Muzzey St Ste 105 Lexington, MA 02421

Named one of Boston Magazine’s Top Docs in March of 2006, Wendy Wornham, MD, of Lexington Pediatrics, has a unique perspective as a community-based pediatrician who teaches and attends on patients at Children’s. She believes that top doctors “consider the psychological, emotional, social, and physical aspects of illness and healing.”

Dr. Wornham has worked full time as a pediatrician in a very busy group pediatric practice in Lexington, taught medical students, and served as an attending physician on the Janeway/adolescent service at Children’s Hospital. Dr. Wornham has also pursued her interest in medical anthropology, and has done field work in Nepal studying Yoga, traditional Indian (Ayurvedic) and Tibetan systems of medicine and their importance in contemporary Nepalese health care.

Super-mom Taylor found Dr. Wornham through one of her students at Prana Power Yoga, who said that she had read that Dr. Wornham was teaching her teenage patients yoga. That’s all Taylor needed to hear—she immediately booked an appointment for a consult. Super-mom Taylor highly recommends Dr. Wornham. She is smart, open-minded, kind, compassionate, and loves yoga!!



Kelly Lorenz

Many of the photos that you see on were taken by Kelly!! Those that weren’t taken by Kelly were taken by Super-mom Taylor or Madison (age ten)—and you can definitely see the difference.

Kelly is incredibly talented as a photographer, but more than that, she is so kind and fun. Our kids love when she comes over once a month to shoot them at the pink house or when we meet her in a park to take photos. She is incredibly calm and patient—partially due to the fact that she practices regularly at Prana Power Yoga.

Event Planner:

Lauren Donovan, Owner Laurel Events


At Laurel Events, our events are as individual as our clients. We are a contemporary event planning service for both social and corporate events.

Regardless of whether your event is professional or personal, you want to make a lasting impression.

Lauren has worked for a world-renown advertising agency in Boston, and one of the largest telecommunications companies in the country before embarking on her current journey as an entrepreneur. Her past experience has given her the opportunity to manage corporate events, partnerships with professional sports teams, industry conventions, marketing campaigns, and consumer events. Additionally, Lauren has also had the absolute pleasure of helping many friends and family members plan their perfect wedding days.

Both of Lauren’s personal and professional experiences have proven her passion and ability to create the perfect event while on any budget. Today she enjoys putting these skills to work creating events for her clients that bring smiles and joy to their homes, lives, and offices!

Your first consultation is FREE. Let Laurel Events give you the time and confidence you need to enjoy and experience your perfect event!


Primary Care Physician:

John D. Bordiuk, M.D.
The Marino Center
372 Washington St.
Wellesley, MA 02481
Phone: (781)235-5200
Fax: (781)235-1103

John is very interested in thyroid issues and works with Super-mom Taylor and her anti-thyroid antibody issue. He also has an active interest in bio-identical hormones for peri-menopausal and menopausal issues.

Transformational healing blending traditional and alternative approaches:

rebeccaRebecca Lovejoy, MA, Psy.D.

Psychologist and Energy Healer
P.O. Box 85
Lyme, NH 03768
(603)728-8681 <>

We all have access to a higher form of knowing. This intelligence can be thought to arise from the wisdom of the soul, or higher self. It is the source of love, creativity, and inspiration. It guides us on the path to greater self-acceptance, inner listening, and the ability to be present with whatever is happening in the moment.

Rebecca will guide you to connect to your inner wisdom in a collaborative psychotherapeutic process. Therapy can be done on its own or in conjunction with other healing modalities. Rebeccacan incorporate EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), the Sunpoint Method of energy healing, and Esoteric Healing into your therapy.

Rebecca practices in-person in New Hampshire, and by phone.


Body Worker, Psychic Reader, Living Foods Teacher


Based in Brooklyn, NY, Shanti Margaritov (Dec. Super Mom) offers

-healing massage therapy
-classes in ayurveda & living foods
-psychic tarot and astrology readings

Consultations available in person or via telephone/e-mail. 718.499.2443

Therapist and Energy Worker:

Danielle Lucido, MSW
413-623-5443< br />

Danielle works non-conventionally to help you to heal yourself. She uses a combination of therapy and energy work to move old thought patterns and help you to find joy and peace in this lifetime. Danielle works actively in her sessions, instead of just sitting back, nodding, and saying “And how do YOU feel about that?” Super-mom Taylor has referred many people to Danielle and they are always very grateful.

Therapist for eating disorders:

Dr. Tera Hirsch
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LICSW, PhD
233 Harvard Street, Ste 305
Brookline, Massachusetts 02446
phone: (617) 413-5969

“The therapeutic relationship can be an important and healing one. I believe in it strongly. Working from a dynamic and relational model, I work together with clients to alleviate symptoms in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, gaining understanding of ourselves and our histories, working through troubling issues, learning to be mindful of and tolerate uncomfortable feelings, and changing problematic thought patterns. All work must occur in the context of a trusting relationship between client and therapist so this fit is essential. A first session should always be an opportunity to assess this fit.

I have specialized in working with individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, relationship problems and eating disorders. I have also worked with survivors of trauma, abuse and clients adjusting to loss or other stressful life transitions.

I enjoy my work tremendously and wish you luck in finding the right fit for your needs.”

Music, Developmental Movement, and Healing Classes for Moms and Babies

eveEver-running 6 week cycle – new classes begin April 7, 2010!

Eve Kodiak, M.M., licensed Brain Gym Consultant

author of Rappin’ on the Reflexes

It takes a village to raise a child; let’s create one together! In a small, intimate setting, learn techniques for extending a lullaby and fostering speech development, simple cranial holds for calming and digestion and ear-ache prevention, movements to aid reflex integration and gross and fine motor coordination – all through song and play. Bring your questions and share your wisdom; bi-weekly email updates from Eve keep the dialogue alive.

Individual craniosacral sessions also available.

Read an account of a recent class: February 13th blog entry:

CLASSES MEET AT: The Lydian Center for Innovative Medicine, 777 Concord Ave., Cambridge, Suite 301

The Lydian Center is located on the Cambridge/Belmont line, next to the Sancta Maria hospital.

Six 1 3/4 hour sessions, $240 (includes bi-weekly email with class notes)

Call 603-547-7802 or email


Sensory Integration in a song? Infant Reflexes in a rap? Fine Motor Coordination in a finger game? While kids move and sing along with Rappin’ on the Reflexes or Feelin’ Free, they practice developmental movements that increase their physical, emotional, social, and academic well-being. But don’t mention that to the kids. They’re just having fun.

And here’s what some of the adults have to say:

“What a masterpiece! It makes the reflexes so easy to work with!” Carla Hannaford, PhD., author of Smart Moves: Why Learning is Not All In Your Head

“My friend loaned me her copy for the school year, and I couldn’t bear to give it up without ordering my own. My fidgety students get so focused and calm and happy!”

—Susan Mincey, Elementary School Music Teacher

To preview or order Feelin’ Free:

To preview or order Rappin’ on the Reflexes:

Eve Kodiak, M.M., is a licensed Brain Gym consultant and professional musician and teacher. Much of material is drawn from her own experience as a mother. Eve has published in magazines such as Lilipoh and The Brain Gym Journal, and presents both locally and internationally for organizations like Brain Gym International and The Early Childhood and Movement Association. Her book/CD sets, Rappin’ on the Reflexes and Feelin’ Free, are being used on five continents. Eve practices at The Lydian Center for Innovative Medicine, and is available for presentations, school inservices, and one-on-one consultations for people of all ages. Learn more on her website,