Super-Mom Meryl Kearns

Supermom.  The word takes on new meaning, depending where the emphasis is placed.  SuperMOM says to me that of all the incredible super beings flying about, this one is the ever popular mom version, and in my opinion, the most valuable.  SUPERmom almost sounds like a sarcastic teen version of my son uttering it, so I choose not to go with that one as I still have a few years before we venture into the dark void of teen years.  My favourite would sound more like SUUUUPPPPPPEEERRRRRMOOOOMMMMM, as in the incredible adventures of…

My head is filled with mental pictures conjured up by such a title.  I opt here for the one of me with my pre-baby, 20-something slim body clad in tights, leotard and ever-billowing cape, with perhaps the cool bracelets borrowed from Wonder Woman, not so much for practicality but definitely the fashion statement.  The lasso of truth not opted for due to its clumsy bulk detracting from my lithe run-from-school-at-drop-off-getaways and besides, clever kids can undo those knots better than the criminal masterminds WW was up against.

And now, those aforementioned adventures… The Supermom, faster than the grabbing hands of an overtired family trying to reach for the remote on a Friday night.  More powerful than the pungent aroma escaping from whatever is buried deep in the bottom of a child’s PE bag that has not been brought home for laundering in a school term.  Able to leap tall piles of funky smelling laundry in a single bound as she runs for the phone on the last ring before it goes to voice mail.

But these are the tasks of the unsung hero known as mom.  The lady that miraculously gets the house picked up before the play date so that there are no hazards that might result in a quick jaunt to the ER (complete with sing-a-longs the whole way both ways to detract from the terror everyone feels), only to then two hours later do it all over again once the proper evil doers of mayhem have been properly returned to their rightful homes.  The woman who has to stay up to midnight relearning elementary math because some lunatic mind in academia decided we should reinvent it, tag it “new math,” and utterly frustrate parents around the country whilst making us look a tad foolish in the eyes of those we birthed as we stumble through the most rudimentary problems.  The goddess who is trying to pass off Gatorade at breakfast with Cheerios as the “breakfast of the champions” to cover for the fact that milk was forgotten during the last outing into the supermarket when the shopping list was used as a bookmark in her People magazine the night before.

But the reality is we are all Supermoms.  Every day, there is some act or gesture that makes everyone of us super.  When our child comes home sad from being excluded at recess games and we curl up together tightly and read, making the world a perfect place again.  Or when our child falls off the top bunk and we bestow the magical kiss of healing that takes it all better.  Or even just peering over at our child whilst they toil with homework and giving that brave smile that says I know you are doing your very best.

Every day, in so many ways, we are all supermoms.  And we need to stop and recognize daily how amazing we are.