Philippe and I were asked by the United Nations to be Yoga Peace Ambassadors.  We were honored, said yes, and taught yoga at the UN last Thursday during a full day that included a photo shoot, a live web cam interview, a live web cam panel discussion, and a CSD 19 Session in the UN Headquarters.


The night before we showed up at the UN, the interviewer emailed me 39 questions she was going to ask us during the interview, and a few of them got me to thinkin.  Number 22, for example, asked, “How do your kids like yoga?”  The next question said, “Are your children happy in their family situation as yoga kids?”  And another, “In the family rules do you see a big influence of your yoga?”


Anything that gets you to stop, and reflect, is good.  And these questions did that for me.


Our kids love yoga, but not because we want them to.  They love yoga because yoga is our natural state.  It’s not something you “do.”  It’s something you “are.”  The yoga asana simply returns us back to that natural state.  The practice helps us remember who we are.   And kids are a walking billboard of this––they are who they are, take it our leave it!  Thus, yoga is very natural to them.


I think our children are happy in their family situation as yoga kids because, well, they’re happy kids.  Their natural state is happiness, and the yoga draws that out.  Your natural state is happiness, too, by the way, so if you ain’t happy, roll out that mat.  ;)


Do I see a big influence of our yoga in our family rules?  Absolutely.  I see a big influence of our yoga in every single thing that I do all day long, so the “family rules” are no different.  Our family rules are the same as our yoga studios’ and the same as any parent’s rules, I would guess––treat people with love, respect, dignity, kindness, and openness and that will be reflected back to you.  Be flexible and flow with the Universe and things will go well.  Walk with grace and integrity.  Breathe in and breathe out in the midst of challenge.  When you step off your path, clean the slate and begin again.  When you wish you’d done something differently, say you’re sorry and then forgive yourself.  There are no mistakes, only learning and the path.  Forgive others because they’re doing the best they can in this moment.  Do your best with breath—that’s all anyone can do.   Whatever you focus on­­––wanted or unwanted––you are creating, so choose wisely.  Always paddle downstream.  Your thoughts and your words create your reality so continually revise and edit the story you tell everyday of your life and you will create the life of your dreams effortlessly.  And as such, you can be, do and have anything that you want.