Funniest Quotes so far from The 5 Wells Kids:

May 3, 2011:  Sagey and I fed the twins outside on the deck in their mini cars and then put them down.  They didn’t wanna go to sleep.  Sagey said, “It’s like they go to prison twice a day.”  (When they go to bed).


May 3, 2011:  Sage going through her summer clothes.  She really wants to wear her big sister t-shirt this summer, “I hope I’m going to be a big sister again.”


May 1, 2011: Phoenix is so proud of the N he drew.  “I just drew the besh N in the whole wide world.”


April 25, 2011:  Sagey is supposed to go to bed.  She loves her new Sponge Bob multiplication book so much she asks at bedtime, “Can I do multiplication


April 22, 2011:  Phoenix says to Philippe, “You look funny, because you have dese things” (points to his eyebrows).


April 14, 2011:  Sage explaining to Phoenix how to pack for Aruba:  “You don’t want to get kicked off the plane and have to walk to Aruba.”


April 10, 2011:  We are rearranging the furniture in the playroom and dining room.  Madison and Sage and Super-mom are saying, “This should go here, that should go there . . . .”  Phoenix looks at the sofa and says, “This should be a trampoline.”

Have the best day ever!


Taylor plus 5

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