September 5, 2013:  At Madison’s family birthday celebration:  Montana and Dakota (both age 3) break the streamers I have hung in the kitchen and they chime in together, “Sorrrry Mommmma!”


Sept 4 2013:  Some other kid is running with Montana (3) off the playground. Dakota (3) says: “Don’t run with him, he’s not your brother.”


August 23, 2013:  Dakota: “Are you my best friend or not, Tammy?”  “Yes, I am.”  Dakota: “Let’s go to our room.”


August 17, 2013:  Phoenix (6): “I’m so dehydrated.  I’m like a worm that’s been in the sun for a thousand years.”


August 7, 2013:  Phoenix got a blazer for bingo night and wants to know: “Can I wear this for my first day in college?”


August 6, 20123:  Montana saying fruit loops, “Floot-moots.”


August 2013:  Montana saying pop tarts:  “Pock Tarps.”