F*** feng shui.


Now I don’t really mean that.  I love feng shui and have feng shui’d our home and our yoga studios.


So why the rant?


Just to point out that although some things rock and are super helpful, your heart and intuition always win.  What FEELS good?  What FEELS right?


Check out the photo above.  That’s what I look at from my desk in my office.  That’s what I look at as I write these blogs to and for you (unless I’m on cardio in my basement while I’m writing which is often the case).


The way that my desk is positioned is totally NOT in alignment with feng shui.  But about a year ago, I moved it to face the doors to my deck and my windows and bam!  Best energy ever.  Even though my back is facing the door (not cool with feng shui).


The lesson?  Follow your heart and your intuition.  It trumps everything else.


Have the best day ever!



Taylor plus 5

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