For a lot of years of my life I lived in fear. Surviving day to day as best as I could, always focusing on the positive in every situation.

And I mean every.

This gave me a keen ability to glean the positive from anything and focus on it. Relentlessly. My survival and mental health depended on it.

And it worked.

Then I got out of that situation–I went to Brown on (a partial) scholarship. Brown believed in me and as long as I paid them a little bit each month they were down. I worked three jobs and studied hard and made great friends and had a blast.

But my “survivor” mentality remained. It’s all I knew.

Now survivor is better than victim, where some who’ve gone through what I did remain for this lifetime; however, I wanted to thrive, not survive.

And it took some practice. To maintain this new “thriving mentality” or vibration, if you will. That’s all it takes super people, clear intention and practice.

Practice, practice, practice.

So I took my ability to focus on the positive in any situation (what I call Deliberate Creation) and paired it with a vibration set to “thrive” instead of survive (i.e. just keeping your head above water and living from one drama to the next and experiencing everything as “hard”) and now here I am today, living my BEST LIFE EVER.

Now every day is pure magic and I flow effortlessly and joyfully through each day with ease and love. Now things happen FOR me, not TO me.

An example?  There are so many.

I teach the 430 am at Prana Newton everyday and then go to the Y to write while on cardio before my 5 kids wake up. (I’m writing this now on the elliptical.). The Y is always open. Always.

But it closed for 10 days to put in all new machines and paint. Their closing days coincided exactly with the days that I was on my West Coast book tour, and the day I returned was the day they reopened.

So I walked in to new amazing machines, freshly painted walls (my favorite bright colors) and one specific awesome lateral machine that I’d used and loved in Paris last summer but had never told the Y about.

Yeah, everything happens FOR me, not TO me.*

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Have the best day ever!


Taylor plus 5

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