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In October 2007 my family and I ventured out West to Sedona Arizona for the Raw Spirit Fest.  What a trip — on many levels.

Think yoga meets hippie meets raw vegan meets energy vortex.
The funniest part was that you couldn’t get a salad — anywhere.  There was tons of raw chocolate, but no salad.  I found that ironic.
But I digress.
At that festival I hung out with David Wolfe, who’d become a friend a few years earlier when we met in Manhattan at a talk he’d given in Soho to a handful of people, and then he’d come to my yoga class at Prana NYC the following day.  At the Raw Spirit Fest David was talking a lot about being a Superhero.  I loved that.  I’ve always been very into the whole Superhero/Light vs. Dark thing.  Very Star Wars.  Loved it since I took my friends to see Star Wars for my 9th birthday party in Lake Bluff, Illinois.
On the way home from the Raw Spirit Fest, as Philippe and I were going through security at the Phoenix airport with Madison (age 9 at the time), Sagey (age 3 at the time) and Phoenix (9 months at the time), we were amusing ourselves by brainstorming about what our Superhero names were.  I told Philippe he was “Maca Man,” (and it stuck btw), and he said, “You’re Supermom!”
And that stuck, too.
Late that night back in Newton, Mass., as I unpacked our bags Philippe got the domain name, and this website was conceived.  Seven months later, on Mother’s day 2008, we launched, and was an immediate hit with Super-moms and Super-people all over the world.
It’s been such a fun journey and I’m so appreciative to all of the Super-people out there who’ve read, posted, and commented on  That means YOU!  Thank you.  I’ve loved every moment and had a blast.  And that’s what life is all about — fun.
From, BEST LIFE EVER was born and that’s been a wild and fun ride as well, including a book,inspiration card deck, book tour, blog on the Boston Herald, and more….
And the ride continues.
For streamlining, consistency, and simplicity purposes, I’m morphing and BEST LIFE EVER into one site:
So from next week on, when you click on, you’ll be guided quickly and joyfully via internet powers that I’m not gonna pretend to understand, right to  So you ain’t gotta do nothin’– but I wanted to explain it to you before it happened so you weren’t like, “Huh?”
So see you there, Sisters and Super-people.  It’s gonna be fun.

Have the best day ever!


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F*** feng shui.


Now I don’t really mean that.  I love feng shui and have feng shui’d our home and our yoga studios.


So why the rant?


Just to point out that although some things rock and are super helpful, your heart and intuition always win.  What FEELS good?  What FEELS right?


Check out the photo above.  That’s what I look at from my desk in my office.  That’s what I look at as I write these blogs to and for you (unless I’m on cardio in my basement while I’m writing which is often the case).


The way that my desk is positioned is totally NOT in alignment with feng shui.  But about a year ago, I moved it to face the doors to my deck and my windows and bam!  Best energy ever.  Even though my back is facing the door (not cool with feng shui).


The lesson?  Follow your heart and your intuition.  It trumps everything else.


Have the best day ever!



Taylor plus 5

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Nov 13, 2011:  The book said, I will reach for the stars.  Phoenix (age 5):  “Every single day, I try to.”
Nov 20, 2012:  Phoenix (age 5) sees Papa’s old fleece in a photo:  “Papa doesn’t have that fleece anymore because he’s too old.”


Nov 20, 2012:  Montana’s (age 2) favorite song is now:  “Old Montana had a farm, and on that farm he had a Kota (the name of his twin brother).”


Oct 19, 2012:  Montana (age 2) gets off the potty.  Dakota (2) looks down at it, and says:  “Awesome poopoo!”


Oct 13, 2012:  Phoenix at Sagey’s soccer today asked:  Your nose is in the middle of your face and your eyes are on the side.  Your eyes can still see what’s in front of you.  How?”


Oct 1, 2012:  Dakota (age 2) playing with cars.  Montana (age 2) playing with Rubik’s cube (and really doing it).

Sept 16, 2012.  Phoenix to papa, as he brushes his teeth:  “Sorry I makin you late, but I had to do the time (pointing to tooth brush timer).”

Have the best day ever!


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If you’ve taken a 16 year old to the DMV to get his or her drivers permit then you know about the DMV scam.


**They fail a huge percentage of these kiddos, as a steady stream of revenue.**




What do you think this does for a teen’s self esteem and confidence?


C’mon DMV. Pick on someone yo’ own size. Or how ’bout acting and operating with integrity, and not picking on no one?


Have the best day ever!


Taylor plus 5

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Jan 12, 2012:  Phoenix (age 6): “I tired, but I still have energy.  I have 15 energy.”  John (his best friend who’s 5) says: “I have 6 energy.”


Dec 6, 2011:  Sage (age 8) read the scale and wasn’t thrown off that she was 505 pounds (it was actually 50.5 pounds).


Nov 26, 2011:  Phoenix (age 5) eating a popsicle, looking at a fruit bar: “I have to try them instead of wooking at dem, you know.”


Nov 21, 2011:  Phoenix or Sage talking about the Rockettes in 3D: “The movie is crunchy, and then it turns outside.”


Nov 21, 2011:  Phoenix (age 5), while we are spending Thanksgiving in NYC: “Are we in New York or California?  Dude, I wish we were in California.”

Nov 20, 2011:  Mommy asks Phoenix, “Do you like New York City?  And he replies, “Yeah.  Dem lots of buildings.”


Nov 14, 2011:  Sage (age 8):  “I know I nursed until I was two, but I had a problem.”

While visiting Kent, Connecticut where Madison is going to school next year Madison said, “Wow look at that gorgeous house!”

Supermom responded,
“Yeah maybe we should move here to Kent, we could have a compound!”

Madison, horrified, said, “Please don’t.”

Have the best day ever!


Taylor plus 5

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Dec 18, 2012: Phoenix (age 5) getting dessert:  “Little sweeteners to sweeten up my body.”


Dec 17, 2012: Phoenix:  “I gave kitty two treats and now she’s going crazy about it. She’s following us.”  Taylor:  “What do you want honey?”  “I want you to fix the problem.”

Dec 9, 2012:  Twins (age 2) working on alphabet puzzle.  Montana says:  “Ode way.  Just turn it.”  Then Dakota gets the letter “F” in.  Montana:  “Awesome!”


Dec 3, 2012:  Sage (age 8):  “I’ve been to Brown, I know what college is like.  College is kind of like high school with no school.”


Jan 23, 2012:  In Florida, after we visited NASA.  I asked Phoenix, “What did you like most about NASA?  Phoenix replies, “Nusing”


Jan 21, 2012:  We’re in the car with Grama in Florida on our way to the big cruise with her we’ve been planning and talking about A LOT, and Phoenix says: “Oh, is Grama coming on the cruise, too?”


Jan 12, 2012:  Madison (age 15) (as Papa is driving to pick her up): “I’m almost at the light, but I’m still far away.”


A friend of mine told me about and I love love love the concept and the site and want to share it with all you Super-moms and Super-people.


Marie Schwartz started TeenLife (the web’s most comprehensive database of teen educational opps) when Sister relocated from New York to Boston in 2003 and had a tough time finding info on great programs and services for her teen sons.  Most resources, she learned after much research, were geared toward younger kiddos.


She compiled a list of the resources she had discovered, and so many parents wanted to read her list that she created a Guide to Summer Programs for teens.  When the guide took off big time, she decided to devote all her energy to finding teen enrichment opps, and TeenLife was born in 2007.


Marie’s passion still drives TeenLife, which has a comprehensive directory of more than 15k summer programs, volunteer opps, year experiences, schools, colleges and independent advisors!  Big shout out to Marie!  Daily blog posts, monthly newsletters and a quarterly TeenLife Guide and Life with Teens magazine for parents are all amazing resources that Ms. Schwartz has created.






Have the best day ever!



Taylor plus 5

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Jan 7, 2012:  Papa steps into twins (age 2) room when they are supposed to be sleeping, but are not.  The twins are silent for a long time, then Montana distracts by pointing at the tea table and asking, “Tea?”


Jan 3, 2013:  Montana reading an open-the-flap book.  He sees a tree with bananas, and a tree with cherries, and says: “Ornaments.”


Dec 31, 2012:  Sagey (age 8):  “I only like the old TV shows.  The new ones try too hard.”

Dec 31, 2012:  Montana (age 2) kept requesting “muffin” cookies, little cookies with icing.  I gave him two cookies instead of one, because they were stuck together.  He immediately said “Kota”  and went to give one to Dakota (age 2).


Dec 25, 2012:  We tell Phoenix (age 5) he needs to take our picture on Christmas.  Phoenix says, “Oh dear.”

Dec 25, 2012:  Phoenix:  I am so lucky I got this (toy for Christmas), but you (Sage) cannot use it.”


Dec 19, 2012:  Phoenix talking about how he used to know how to whistle (hmmm):  I’m older now, so I forgot a lot of stuff.”





Some people are special.  They give and give, and then give some more, and love every single minute of it. So they are doing their Dharma. Love that!

You can tell you’re doing your Dharma if you love love love it and it don’t feel like work. If wild horses couldn’t keep you away from it, no matter what the peanut gallery (or the haters) say.

It makes me so happy to see people doing their Dharma. I get vicarious joy, and I teach you how to do the same in my book (

Sara Gershfeld is special. She just created a website for parents who have special needs children (, and wait!  There’s more. She made this site as a side-project while working as a special educator

Big shout out to Sara.  Best ever!

She’s trying to get the word out to parents who could benefit from hearing other parent’s thoughts, so take a peek Super-people.

In Sara’s words, “ is similar to Yelp or Angie’s List, but personally I think it can make a larger impact than finding a great burger or pizza place.”  (Not that there’s anything wrong with burgers or pizza — I’m all about any foods in moderation).

The site just launched local to Los Angeles and they’re looking for feedback before they expand their database to the rest of the US.

So send your thoughts and suggestions Sara’s way (, and have the Best Day Ever!


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Super-Mom Betsy Parsons:

I expected motherhood to change me.  How could it not?  Everything was new.  But what I didn’t expect was that motherhood would strip me bare – drop me to rock bottom – force me to face that I had lost myself – demand that I pick up the shattered bits of me and piece myself back together.  It was all at once brutal and gratifying.  I am grateful for all of it.  I have learned who I am and how great my support system is.  I learned how absolutely wonderful my husband is, what a fantastic dad he is, and what a loving and supportive family surround us.  It’s not just me who is a super mom.  It’s my husband, my mom and dad, and my mother and father-in-law who make up this super family.  Each one of us plays an important role. Life is a tremendous gift, and we were all starkly reminded of that during the first six weeks of my daughter’s life. We almost lost her.  The first six weeks of her life were spent in the NICU.  She was a full term baby but a very sick one.  After she came home, every milestone was carefully watched.   She thrived.  And I almost missed it because I was worried about what could be wrong.  It was 9 months later when I started to splinter apart.  She was walking and I was cracking – emotions needed to be expressed.  I needed to feel again.  Not surprising, but I hadn’t been taking care of myself.  I was just trying to make it through a minute, then an hour, and a full day.  I wasn’t taking care of myself.  I wasn’t sleeping well.  I was sleepwalking.  I rationalized that all of this was well within a first-time mom response (ha!).   Eventually, I was diagnosed with PTSD and got help.  I began to piece myself back together.  It took another full year for me to hear the stirrings of my voice.  It’s been over two years, and just recently I realized that I am whole again.  I experienced such joy in finding myself.    I had really missed me!  But losing myself and finding an improved version had taken hold – makes me so grateful for the journey.  It has allowed me freedom to be myself, to slow down and enjoy the moments of motherhood, to rely on my family to play significant roles raising my daughter, to trust, and to embrace the unexpected.  It’s often what I need most!  I’m so thankful for my super family – including my husband who is embracing his role as stay-at-home dad!  Collectively, we’re a super team with a super daughter.