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A friend of mine told me about and I love love love the concept and the site and want to share it with all you Super-moms and Super-people.


Marie Schwartz started TeenLife (the web’s most comprehensive database of teen educational opps) when Sister relocated from New York to Boston in 2003 and had a tough time finding info on great programs and services for her teen sons.  Most resources, she learned after much research, were geared toward younger kiddos.


She compiled a list of the resources she had discovered, and so many parents wanted to read her list that she created a Guide to Summer Programs for teens.  When the guide took off big time, she decided to devote all her energy to finding teen enrichment opps, and TeenLife was born in 2007.


Marie’s passion still drives TeenLife, which has a comprehensive directory of more than 15k summer programs, volunteer opps, year experiences, schools, colleges and independent advisors!  Big shout out to Marie!  Daily blog posts, monthly newsletters and a quarterly TeenLife Guide and Life with Teens magazine for parents are all amazing resources that Ms. Schwartz has created.






Have the best day ever!



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Jan 7, 2012:  Papa steps into twins (age 2) room when they are supposed to be sleeping, but are not.  The twins are silent for a long time, then Montana distracts by pointing at the tea table and asking, “Tea?”


Jan 3, 2013:  Montana reading an open-the-flap book.  He sees a tree with bananas, and a tree with cherries, and says: “Ornaments.”


Dec 31, 2012:  Sagey (age 8):  “I only like the old TV shows.  The new ones try too hard.”

Dec 31, 2012:  Montana (age 2) kept requesting “muffin” cookies, little cookies with icing.  I gave him two cookies instead of one, because they were stuck together.  He immediately said “Kota”  and went to give one to Dakota (age 2).


Dec 25, 2012:  We tell Phoenix (age 5) he needs to take our picture on Christmas.  Phoenix says, “Oh dear.”

Dec 25, 2012:  Phoenix:  I am so lucky I got this (toy for Christmas), but you (Sage) cannot use it.”


Dec 19, 2012:  Phoenix talking about how he used to know how to whistle (hmmm):  I’m older now, so I forgot a lot of stuff.”





Some people are special.  They give and give, and then give some more, and love every single minute of it. So they are doing their Dharma. Love that!

You can tell you’re doing your Dharma if you love love love it and it don’t feel like work. If wild horses couldn’t keep you away from it, no matter what the peanut gallery (or the haters) say.

It makes me so happy to see people doing their Dharma. I get vicarious joy, and I teach you how to do the same in my book (

Sara Gershfeld is special. She just created a website for parents who have special needs children (, and wait!  There’s more. She made this site as a side-project while working as a special educator

Big shout out to Sara.  Best ever!

She’s trying to get the word out to parents who could benefit from hearing other parent’s thoughts, so take a peek Super-people.

In Sara’s words, “ is similar to Yelp or Angie’s List, but personally I think it can make a larger impact than finding a great burger or pizza place.”  (Not that there’s anything wrong with burgers or pizza — I’m all about any foods in moderation).

The site just launched local to Los Angeles and they’re looking for feedback before they expand their database to the rest of the US.

So send your thoughts and suggestions Sara’s way (, and have the Best Day Ever!


Taylor plus 5

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Feb 1, 2013:  Papa finishes assembling Phoenix’s (age 6) ninjago-mobile.  Phoenix and Dakota (age 3) run off to play with it.  Montana (age 3, the scientist of the twins) looks at the extra six legos, and says, “Let’s do it again.”


Jan 31, 2013:  Madison (age 15) asked Phoenix to throw out her pencil sharpener shavings.  Phoenix, looking at them:  “And it make new ones?”


Jan 20, 2013:  Sagey (age 8): I don’t like packing under pressure.


Jan 20 2013:  Phoenix (age 6):  “Montana’s (age 2) not sleepin’ b/c he’s breathing.  I can see him breathing!”  Sagey (age 8):  “Phoenix, you always breathe.”


Jan 16, 2013:  Sagey (age 8):  “I used to believe things that weren’t true.  I used to believe fairy tales with princesses.  Well… princesses are kind of true.   So is magic.  Mommy taught me that.  Mommy is magic.”


Jan 14, 2013:  Sagey (age 8):  “Sometimes when you try hard, it doesn’t happen.  Then when you don’t try, it does. Mommy taught me this.”


Jan 14, 2013:  Phoenix (age 6), curious about MLK, since they share a birthday, asks, “Does he look like me?”


I’ve heard it said many a time about parenting that, “The days are long but the years are short.” Especially when your children are very young. It can be physically exhausting. And then of course when they’re older – in their teens – it can be emotionally and mentally exhausting. That’s when the quote, “small children small problems, big children, big problems” comes in. I’m not a huge fan of the second quote because I’m into deliberate creation, but bear with me.

Last spring – or was it winter? – I am embarked on something I call “my categorization adventures.”  I have been categorizing all of my iPhoto’s, which are 250,000 plus photos taken since 2005. I’m so excited to be in the current year in February and that’s where I found this beauty. I’m categorizing them for my writing in a few hundred plus categories. So when I need a photo of a waterfall or a cupcake or a sparkler or a car seat etc. I can find it in a second.  I don’t know why I chose those random examples to cite  ha. I also have them of each child, then each child with another child, and three kids, four kids, five kids, etc. Every time I do another month I add more categories ’cause I think of other ideas. It’s super fun. And it takes a wicked long time.

The best part of my categorization project besides the organization which my Virgo self loves, is that it causes me to take a moment and reflect–to pause and see how fast my kids really grow and change, and to relive the joy of so many experiences with them.

Anything that causes a pause, to reflect, is pure gold. Your yoga practice does that for you, like magic.

Have the best day ever!


Taylor plus 5

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Mar, 2013:  Kitty sneezes.  Sagey (age 9) says, “Kitty’s been doing these weird farts, that you can hear, but they don’t smell.”  Papa explains, “She’s sneezing.”

March 4, 2013:  Mommy jokes:  “Hey, I’m a pretty good cook.  I should open a restaurant!”  Phoenix (age 6):  “Uh, Mom, remember?  We had a restaurant and it didn’t go so well.”

Feb 22, 2013:  Sage: “By the way, if you think my allowance is really high, you can lower it down a little.”

Feb 22, 2013:  Montana (age 2) to Dakota (also age 2), who’s yelling for something, “And stop crying.”

Feb 8, 2013: Papa says: “Phoenix, you’re six, you can eat a whole hotdog.”  Phoenix retorts, “Papa, six year olds can’t do everything.”

Feb 6, 2013:  Dakota (age 2) is saying, “Bus, beep-beep”, in the car.  Montana’s (age 2) response is, “I SEE bus beep-beep.”

Feb 4, 2013:  Whenever Montana (age 2) does something today, Dakota (age 2) says, “For once.”


I’m really blessed that my five kids are super healthy. I thank the Universe every day. I pretty much only call the pediatrician to schedule their once a year well visit.

So when I called her last week to ask about Phoenix, age 6, she remarked, “I never hear from you except for well visits,” and I explained that Curly Bear – his nickname since he had gorgeous golden curls since birth – had a G.I. bug.  He had been throwing up in the night repeatedly after having diarrhea for days.

She asked what his mood was like.

I said, “Oh, he is not a good reporter in that way. You can’t rely on that.”

She asked what I meant.

I explained that even after having diarrhea for days and throwing up all through the night, he was still sparkly and bright and happy. He was joyful and excited to be in a hot shower and to be able to have Sprite and “grape juice” (Pedialyte).

She understood, and we talked about what was going on and what to do.

Every single day, Curly Bear is my teacher. You have teachers all around you. Be mindful, appreciative, and take in their valuable lessons.

Have the best day ever!


Taylor plus 5

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Oct, 2011:  Phoenix (age 4), “I can lift up anything.”  Sage (age 7): “That means you can lift up our kitchen even though there is all this stuff underneath?”


March 22, 2013:  Phoenix (age 6):  “Did Jessie and Buzz get married?  I think they did b/c they’re in love.”  “What’s in love?” asks Mommy.  “It’s hard to explain,” says Phoenix.  “Are Mommy and Papa in love?” asks Mommy.  “Yes,” replies Phoenix firmly and without hesitation.


March 22, 2013:  Mommy says to Phoenix in the car driving to school, “I may have shingles, an adult form of chicken pox.”  Phoenix replies, “Oh yum!  I love Chicken Pops!”


Mar 21, 2013:  Phoenix: “Mom, how did Madison meet Andy?  Mom:  “I was married to Andy and Andy and I had Madison, she is our child together.”  Phoenix:  “I thought you and Papa were married.”


Mar 17, 2013:  Montana (age 2), looking at the Ralph Lauren Polo ponies on his undies, “What are those? Bugs?”


Mar 17, 2013:  Montana (age 2), “Kota (Dakota, his twin brother), scuse me, wanna play baloon?”


Mar 15, 2013.  Madison’s boyfriend is over.  Phoenix (age 6) asks, “How do you find someone to marry?”




One of my good friends’ parents are well-known musicians.  I’m not going to say more than that because I want to protect her anonymity, but I will tell you that her dad is by far my all time favorite singer.


When we met her I had no idea who her parents were. She came to my yoga class at Prana Winchester and we hit it off instantly. In addition, our sons were the same age and in fact looked and still look like they could be twins. This was about five years ago.

After a while, I figured out who her parents were and was astonished because as I said, I have listened to her dad’s music since I was little.  I have three musicians whom I adore, and the Universe brought me the daughter of one of them, as a BFF.  Talk about synchronicity.

Last night, after we had dinner and played outside, I was slated to shower with my 5 kids to prepare for a photo shoot today.  But instead I got on my Mac with my kids piled on my lap and all about me and went to YouTube to show them their friend’s grandpa.  I played my favorite song of his and when it was over my little ones cheered, “Again!”

We listened to that song over and over for an hour.

Then we all went to bed.

When I awoke this morning to teach the pre-– dawn class At Prana Newton (, The very first text I read, at the top of the queue, was from my friend whose dad’s music we had listened to for an hour. She had written the text right after we had listened to that song repeatedly.

Coincidence? I don’t believe in ‘em.

Have the best day ever!


Taylor plus 5

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March 29, 2013:  Phoenix (age 6) remarks, “Mom, don’t invite (so and so) over anymore.  Sage (age 9) does not like her.  Not for a play date.  Not for Christmas.  OBVIOUSLY not for Christmas!”


March 28, 2013:  I ask Montana (age 3) to put away his puzzle, please.  “YOU put it away!” he exclaims.


Mar 25, 2013: Talking about his cars, Phoenix says: “Both of these are like the kings of racing.”


Mar 24, 2013:  Papa is making a peanut butter bagel, and Dakota (age 3) says: “No twins have a knife, just Papas have a knife.”


Oct, 2011:  Sage (age 7—this is 2011): “I don’t want to be a weatherman.  I don’t want to know what the weather is.  I just want to look at it.”


Oct, 2011:  Sage (7): “I’m really smart.  I don’t need that much education


Oct, 2011:  Sage: “This is the last year I’m going to be seven.  But this is ten months of being seven.”

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Super-Mom of the Month
mom of month

Super-mom Kim Cherelli


WOW!! Supermom of the month.    I was shocked to say the least when Taylor mentioned she wanted me to be her super mom of the month.  Me?  I never thought there was anything super about me.  I’m as average as average is, nonetheless I was and am honored to be thought of.


I met Taylor a year ago during Teacher Training at Prana Power Yoga.  I was instantly drawn to her energy and knew I was in the right place.  I didn’t know why I decided to become a yoga instructor nor did I know what I was getting into.  You see prior to signing up for the 8 week teacher training I think I practiced yoga about a dozen times.  I woke up one day and said “ I think I’d like to be a yoga instructor”  I proceeded to ask my yoga instructor at BSC how one goes about becoming an instructor.  She told me about Prana and here I am a whole year later.  I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for other than the fact I was looking for “something” the something that yoga instructors have.  I’m learning every day and I’m a work in progress but this is a journey and I am excited to see where it takes me.  The teacher training was an emotional and beautiful experience.  As quickly as the thought popped into my head to become a yoga instructor the same happened for my understanding why.  I’m understanding I am where I am suppose to be right now at this moment.  Stress is not as prevalent as before and I’m understanding people a bit better.


So, a lil about me.  I’m a single mom of one 18 year old son.  I don’t consider myself any different than the next mother. I never found raising a child difficult because it came naturally to me. .  I raised him simply the way I wanted to be treated.  I always knew I wanted to be a mother. I was 24 when I found out I was pregnant and afraid to tell my mother.  I knew what she would say or better yet the look or her face would tell me how disappointed she was.  Most people know my situation and how my son was the result of an abusive relationship, however I wouldn’t have change a thing.  I had to go through that for my son to be born.  If I didn’t then he wouldn’t have been born and I can’t imagine my life without him.  People congratulate me for being a single mom  my son does too but I don’t think I deserve any special credit.  Putting aside all my heartache and struggles in my life, it’s nothing compared to what some are going through.  I do count my blessings and I feel blessed to have been given this gift of motherhood.  There are those who want children and can’t   I am so very thankful and I can’t say it enough…..It’s truly a blessing.

“where you are at this moment is where you are suppose to be”

Sending love and light to all

Kim Cherelli