is a celebration of Moms.

A place to find support, insight, inspiration, humor, advice, and connection. A place to remember who you are, and why you were
chosen to be a parent, one of the most important jobs there is. Come home to, where you’re always welcome and you’re always honored and respected—just as you are.

Welcome to a celebration of being a Mom…a Super-mom, in fact. Because that’s what you are. Yes, you.

Now, listen, if you’re thinking right now, “No, I ain’t a Super-mom because…” and goin’ into the past about something that you didn’t do
“just right” or “perfectly” or whatever, let that go, Sister, and listen to this.

You are about to go on a whole new journey of loving being a Mom—a Super-mom. Yes, every moment—riding the ups and downs like a wave, and in time, making the downs mostly a thing of the past and when they do happen, leaving the guilt behind and knowing they are simply something to gain wisdom from so you can find even more joy.

I love being a Mom, and although I am and do many other “things” in my life, I value and cherish my precious role of nurturing, teaching,
and guiding my 5 shiny young lights into and in the world—5 wise little teachers who honor me by calling me “Mom.”

But over the years I’ve noticed and been puzzled by a general disrespect and non-support of Moms. Even before I was a Mom I couldn’t understand this—how could something so honorable, so amazing, so important, such an act of service to our planet, could be seen in
such a negative light.

I even noticed that Moms themselves were buying into this mind-set, as I heard things like, “Oh, I don’t work, I’m ‘just’ a stay-at-home-
Mom,’” I replied with, “Are you kidding me? Why are you saying ‘just?’ That’s the most important job in the world.”

I meant what I said.

And that was before I had my first child. And girl, let me tell you, after ten months of pregnancy, 26 weeks of nausea 24-7, and 36
hours of labor, I came into my own regarding this topic.

What I knew intuitively before I had Madison (now 15), burned brighter than ever. I felt a kinship—a strong connection–with every
Mother who’d ever walked the planet. I expected to find this strong connection out there in the world, holding my first baby girl in my arms but again was stunned to find a general energy of negativity around Motherhood—even within the Mom-hood circle.

“What’s going on?” I asked myself, as I noticed Moms segregating themselves into camps at the playground (the “stay-at-home-Mom camp,” the “working Mom* camp” etc.), judging each other for their parenting choices and generally taking the dark road of negativity into inevitable suffering. (*Please note that it’s my belief that all Moms are “working Moms,” so I take issue with this term—stay tuned for more on this in a post).

Almost eleven years later, I wrote an article called “Super mom,” intended to teach, support, and call together all Moms on this planet.
The response to my article was incredible and was born.

The intention of this website is for it to feel like home to you, Super-mom. Because you are a Super-mom, in all of your glory. I support
you and I’m here with you during this amazing journey of Super-mom-hood.

You will find support, insight, helpful and inspirational information, good reads, good eats and much more on this website, and, like
the flow of life, it will always be changing and growing.

I welcome you to the beginning of the rest of your life as a Super-mom. A life where you will feel joy more often than not, and in the “not”
times, you will find what you need to shift back— right here.


Have the best day ever!

Taylor plus 5