1. To have fun every day.
  2. To celebrate every day.
  3. To laugh every day.
  4. To use glitter whenever possible
  5. To say, “I’m sorry,” and mean it.
  6. To say, “Let’s begin again,” and really begin again.
  7. To know that there are no mistakes.
  8. To know that you can be, do, and have anything that you want.
  9. To know that it’s OK to ask for what you want, and get it.
  10. To know that it’s GOOD to ask for what you want, and get it.
  11. To have gratitude.
  12. To give, often.
  13. To practice yoga every day.
  14. To write their favorite inspirational quotes on 4×6 note cards and read them daily
  15. To eat seaweed and avocado often.
  16. To get outside in nature every day, no matter what the weather.
  17. To put your feet on the earth every day, no matter what the weather.
  18. To read everyday.
  19. To do something you’re afraid of every day.
  20. To say I love you, often.
  21. To give hugs and kisses, often.
  22. To eat raw chocolate.
  23. To help the earth.
  24. To keep things neat.
  25. To keep it simple.
  26. To be a minimalist.
  27. To give things away.
  28. To listen.
  29. To read energy.
  30. To find joy in small things—in anything.
  31. To abide in the Vortex.
  32. To add sprinkles.
  33. To giggle.
  34. To eat greens.
  35. To drink green juice.
  36. To love each other.
  37. To be a good friend.
  38. To be a good sister/brother.
  39. To be kind.
  40. To go to sleep early.
  41. To get up early.
  42. To sleep enough.
  43. To skin brush every morning and every night.
  44. To speak your mind.
  45. To write, often.
  46. To breathe in and breathe out.
  47. To focus.
  48. To make boundaries.
  49. To say please and thank you.
  50. To look people in the eye when you speak to them.
  51. To have respect for others and the earth.
  52. To smile, a lot.
  53. To believe in miracles.
  54. To believe in magic.
  55. To walk your path with grace.
  56. To live in integrity.
  57. To steer clear of malls and bad energy.
  58. To know that you deserve abundance, as does everyone.
  59. To open the door for someone.
  60. To help carry in the groceries without being asked.
  61. To think out of the box.
  62. To wipe the counters.
  63. To jump in piles of leaves.
  64. To make gingerbread houses and use leftover Halloween candy to make them even more abundant.
  65. To throw parties often.
  66. To light candles every day.
  67. To turn on white twinkle lights every day.
  68. To sing every day.
  69. To always bring a gift to someone’s home.  The gift can be a smile, a hug, a handshake, a compliment.
  70. To send light to those with whom you’re having difficulty.
  71. To ask why.
  72. To ask why not.
  73. To say thank you.
  74. To write a thank you note.
  75. To nurse your children.
  76. To blend your own organic baby food.
  77. To eat whatever you want, as much as you want, and whenever you want, in moderation.
  78. To believe in and expect abundance.
  79. To expect prosperity.
  80. To expect it to work out.
  81. To meditate.
  82. To swim often, preferably in a lake or the ocean.
  83. To support your local YMCA.
  84. To never work a day in your life, but instead have your “work” be your life (have no delineation between “work” and “play” and therefore, no “work week” and “weekend”).
  85. To spend some time every day in silence.
  86. To write down everything that you want.
  87. To have a magical creation box, in which you put all of your hopes and dreams (which you have written down).
  88. To make stuff with crystals and glitter and pastel paint often.
  89. To draw pictures with lotsa color.
  90. To ask for help from The Universe when you are upset about something and can’t stop thinking about it.
  91. To stay quiet when people are gossiping, or change the subject.
  92. To know that you’re responsible for your own reality.
  93. To make visible what, without you, might never have been seen.
  94. To be wiser than other people if you can but do not tell them so.
  95. To know that people with true power are not concerned with the impression that they make.
  96. To understand that a real friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out.
  97. To move stuck energy out of your body every day.
  98. To visualize everything that you want.
  99. To take responsibility for your words.
  100. To take responsibility for your actions.
  101. To take responsibility for your creations.
  102. To take responsibility for your life.
  103. To know that work speaks for itself.
  104. To not complain, whine, or explain.
  105. To make your bed every morning.
  106. To floss your teeth.
  107. To take a bath to relax.
  108. To believe in your pure potential.
  109. To know that when you choose hope, anything is possible.
  110. To know that people treat you as well as you treat yourself.
  111. To know that everyone is a teacher.
  112. To know that leadership is displaying the absence of resistance.
  113. To walk your talk.
  114. To wash your hands when you walk into the house.
  115. To take off your shoes in anyone’s home.
  116. To hang up your coat.
  117. To stand up straight.
  118. To say, “I don’t know” when you don’t.
  119. To marvel at the sunset.
  120. To splash in the waves.
  121. To make sand castles.
  122. To make snow angels.
  123. To drink hot chocolate with whipped cream on a cold winter day.
  124. To jump in puddles.
  125. To play in the dirt.
  126. To load the dishwasher.
  127. To unload the dishwasher.
  128. To clean the juicer right after you’ve juiced
  129. To say “May I please be excused?” from the table.
  130. To never judge, but instead, use that energy to create.
  131. To paint with bright colors.
  132. To drink a lot of water.
  133. To eat Spirulina every day.
  134. To frequent yard sales.
  135. To market things you believe in.
  136. To ask, “How can I help?”
  137. To leave the details and the organization up to The Universe, and just have fun.
  138. To build fires in the fireplace often.
  139. To gaze into the fire and dream.
  140. To count to ten before you say something you regret.
  141. To always give the benefit of the doubt.
  142. To know that people are doing the best that they can in any given moment.
  143. To know how very special you are.
  144. To know how very much you are wanted on this earth.
  145. To know how blessed I am to be their Mom.
  146. To make smoothies.
  147. To be comfortable wherever you are.
  148. To utilize metaphysics every day.
  149. To speak your truth always, with love.
  150. To smile and say thank you.
  151. To smile and say please.
  152. To look inward for answers when you are not well.
  153. To travel often.
  154. To pack light.
  155. To travel light and be the light.
  156. To take videos and watch them
  157. To not postpone a hug.
  158. To not postpone anything.
  159. To do it NOW instead of writing a list.
  160. To act from inspiration, not motivation.
  161. To hang up your towels.
  162. To splurge.
  163. To drink smoothies.
  164. To wear sunscreen.
  165. To wear hats.
  166. To dance.
  167. To be open-minded.
  168. To be patient.
  169. To chew your food well.
  170. To eat lots of raw chocolate.
  171. To recycle.
  172. To drink Yerba Mate tea.
  173. To love others, especially when they feel un-lovable.
  174. To take photos.
  175. To make a Shutterfly album every month with funny quotes in it of things you said.
  176. To go on picnics.
  177. To have a picnic basket of snacks packed in the car “just in case.”
  178. To read and write instead of watching TV.
  179. To go on a media fast.
  180. To read before bed.
  181. To burn nag champa incense.
  182. To limit your time on the computer every day.
  183. To tell people when you think they’re great.
  184. To wait for clarity until the muddy waters settle.
  185. To give away a bag of things every week.
  186. To support your local bookstore.
  187. To buy local and Organic.
  188. To be green.
  189. To be here now.
  190. To be the change.
  191. To sit still.
  192. To be still.
  193. To be happy.
  194. To be at peace
  195. To maintain a tenacious ability to focus only on pure positive energy.
  196. That violence is never the answer.
  197. That going for ice cream is a destination and an important one at that.  ;)
  198. To have the best day ever every day.
  199. To create the best life ever.

Have the best day ever!


Taylor plus 5

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